Savvy? if you say so...


to know; understand.
Also, sav·vi·ness. practical understanding; shrewdness or intelligence; common sense: a candidate who seemed to have no political savvy.
shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed; canny.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Week 1 passed in a blink!

Frugal is the way forward! In fact I think im driving just about everyone mad with my new way!
Husband is sick to death of me questioning every purchase he wants to make and friends thinks its hilarious and are asking tips!
So after a sucessful week of reading and reading up on just about everything I can get my hands on to save money im pretty clued up - but hungry to keeping learning. I LOVE reading your fellow blogs, they are so inspiring and motivating. You really dont need to be "mean" in order to be savvy!
So this week its been another scorcher here in South Wales so we've done lots of arts & crafts, baking, and swimming at the park - and have managed to spend hardly anything.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Day 1 - Spent £6

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face determined that today would be a new start!

I was ultra prepared last night, digging out sausages from the freezer to make a casserole (not casserole weather I know). So this morning all I had to do was throw them in the slowcooker with baked beans, onion, peppers, carrots and job done.

So off I trotted to Farmfoods - if you have one local then your a lucky devil!
I was VERY strict, whaltzed in picked up 2x 2 litres of milk, 2 loaves of hovis bread, block of mild cheddar cheese and 15 eggs - provisions for this week.
The total..... £6 bargain!

Happy shopper I was indeed!

Then lunch time I convinced hubbie to have a sandwich, with fruit and crisps, DD had the same but with yogurt instead. The sausage casserole was bubbling away, so off we went to the local park which also has a kiddies pool for DD to swim.

Hubbie suggested drawing out some cash etc for the usual lollies and drinks I sternly declined we were being frugal afterall!

So cheap day had by all! You'll be surprised how much food you actually have in your house if you sit down and plan it properly. Ive managed to makes a meal planner for the week without spending any more money!!

Website of the day -

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Its Official!

Im a housewife! Its 2010 and im a 28 year old housewife - what does a being a housewife entail in this modern day?
- A married woman who manages her own household, esp. As her principal occupation
Well that sounds easy enough... although forfeiting a full time salary to manage on just £124.88 per week for 9 months isnt!
So on this Sunday evening I sit in my garden brainstorming how ill get through the next 9 months with no "real" salary.
I started my preparation for this journey a few weeks back reading through hundreds of forums on how others manage pickign up hints and tips along the way - which ill share with you.
First let me tell you a little about myself.... im 36 weeks pregnant with my second child who is due on 20th July 2010 (therefore the reason for the "holiday" from working - holiday my ass!)
So its my mission to manage the house, with 2 children - Im SOOOOO excited for the challenge!

Tip 1)
Write out a weekly food planner - STICK TO IT! Dont shop when you are hungry and be prepared to travel to different shops for a bargain!
E.g- bread in Farmfoods is 2 loafs for £1.50 whereas the main supermarkets charge nearly that for 1 loaf!

Im heading off now to check my freezer as im sure I already have a weeks worth of food sitting there...

Let me know your tips for saving cash!